Animal Collocations 1

Noun plus noun collocations

Complete the sentences in the list on the left with the correct collocation on the right.
I spend all day working. Nobody gives me any credit and when I get home, I have to do all the housework and cooking as well. It's a real dog's
Terry is really intelligent, but sometimes he doesn't think clearly and gets things horribly wrong. He needs to learn some plain horse
I'm really angry with Pete. We both worked on the project, but when we got paid, be claimed he had done far more than me and took the lion's
When the inspector comes into the college today, you have to make sure everything is a hundred percent in order. He's got a real eagle
My dad came back this morning after six months away on duty. When he saw me he gave me a real bear
The kind of people who stay in luxury hotels like this one can afford to give big tips. To them it's just chicken
Lucy's getting married tomorrow, so we're all going out to The Lightning Club after work for her hen
Harry's offered to get me some work, but I can't trust him. He's up to something and I don't want to get caught up in any of his monkey
My job pays really well, but I'm always exhausted from working non-stop and I hardly ever see my family. I'm going to quit and get out of the rat
I'm going to move to London. Living in the country is so boring for young people. Everything moves at snail's