Body Collocations 1

Noun plus noun collocations

Complete the sentences in the list on the left with the correct collocation on the right. One collocation is used more than once.
When I come in to work in the morning I like to read the paper, but there are so many people that there's hardly any elbow
My bad behaviour at school usually led to a lecture from the teacher and a lot of finger
The indicators on this car aren't working so I'll have to use hand
When you use a computer you should sit straight and make sure the screen is at eye
I heard that Imelda has seen a plastic surgeon about having a nose
I usually carry all my books around in a shoulder
Shirley regards Tom as her brother even though he isn't a blood
I don't fly economy class on long haul flights as usually there's hardly any leg
The manager was so angry with the poor performance in the first half of the match that he gave the whole team a tongue
It's difficult for a professional like me to get a good job in this country in the current economic climate. I might have to emigrate and join the brain