Business Collocations 1

Noun plus noun collocations

Complete the sentences in the list on the left with the correct collocation on the right.
Buying a car privately is usually cheaper than buying one from a car
This looks like a really good deal, but before I agree I need to talk to my business
I'll never stay in that hotel again. They really need to improve their customer
A chance meeting in an airport between the two entrepreneurs led to an exciting new business
Our latest campaign has been a real success and we have significantly increased our market
The meeting focussed on our worrying financial situation and the poor state of our balance
Ever since we automated our manufacturing process, it has really improved the quality of our end
Malcolm recently moved to our company from Ace One Inc and I'm sure you will join me in welcoming him onto our management
Trustco started off with just one shop in Birmingham, but after only ten years it had grown into a nationwide chain
It's hard to think that Robert Broughton is a billionare when he started out at 17 with a stall selling clothes in a street