Emotional States Collocations 1

Noun plus noun collocations

Complete the sentences in the list on the left with the correct collocation on the right.
You need to be very careful with people you meet on holiday. You can't build a lasting relationship our of a holiday
Don't believe her when she says she's sorry for what she's done to you. It's only crocodile
Ron's temper is really going to get him into trouble one day. I suggest he should go to a psychotherapist for some anger
She said she had been thrown out with nowhere to stay for the night, so I let her stay in my flat, but in the morning she had gone with all my money. I don't know how I believed her sob
The problem I have is that with all the responsibilities of such a high powered job and all the travel that I do, it's really hard to control my stress
When he was young his parents always encouraged and praised his big brother, but not him, and that's left him with a massive inferiority
You two have only been together for a year and already you're on the point of breaking up. You need to seek out some marriage
It was only when Betty decided to seek professional help for her relationship problems that doctors found whe was suffering from a personality
I know it looks bad when we're all shouting at each other, but it's nothing serious, just a typical family
You know how it is. You're a bit drunk at a party, you meet someone nice and you can't control yourself. You just give in to animal