Entertainment Collocations 1

Noun plus noun collocations

Complete the sentences in the list on the left with the correct collocation on the right. Some collocations may be used more than once.
If you go onto the cinema's website you can watch a short film
The last time I saw Tom Cruise on TV he was talking about his career on a talk
We have to go to the stadium to watch the game as there's no television
Lately there have been some really good new bands and singers coming onto the music
Last night I saw this woman win two million pounds on a quiz
You really tell jokes well and make people laugh. You should try performing stand-up
Jane doesn't want to come out tonight as she'll miss her favourite soap
When I get the morning paper, I want to find out what the celebrities are doing, so I first read the gossip
If there's something new at the cinema, I usually go and watch it first and then compare my opinion with the film
I find that history is really brought to life when I watch a drama