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In this exercise there are ten sentences. In each sentence there is a word which is not in use, but which is a literal translation of a word which is derived from Latin or Greek roots, but which is in normal use in English. Find and underline the word and then work out what the normal word is and write it in at the end. Then check your answers.

1. I don't drive to work any more. I use my two-wheel because I can get some good exercise on it.

2. I bought a new thinker the other day. I can play all the latest games on it, but I mainly use it for writing reports and documents.

3. When I was a boy, I wanted to be a star-sailor. The idea of visiting the moon or mars fascinated me.

4. I don't feel like going out tonight. Let's just stay in and watch the farsight.

5. I'm taking the train to Rome for my holiday next week. I know the airwanderer is faster, but I prefer the train.

6. I took a trip over London in a screw-wing yesterday. The view over the city was fantastic.

7. I've just found a new flat, but I've got to get the amberness connected before I move in.

8. I think we should stop and get some more rock-oil before we get to the motorway because it will be more expensive there.

9. Self-mover sales have gone down by 10% over the last year because drivers are reluctant to pay so much for a new one.

10. Let me give you my farvoice number and you can give me a call sometime.