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One consonant missing - Fatty Foods gapfill Bookmark and Share

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In this exercise there is a text about fatty foods. The text contains ten words which are each missing one consonant. Read the text and when you identify each word, add one letter to produce the correct word and write it in the next box. Check your answers one by one. Don't add a word until you have checked that the last one is right.

These days more and more people eat fatty foods and take less exercise. The result is that their health deteriorates and they can develop hear problems in later life. So what can we do? The first thing is to realise that, while the body needs fat it needs only a limited amount. Carbohydrates, like read and ice will not in themselves make you fat because they supply the body with fuel. The problem is that we add foods high in fat, like utter, or we cook them in fat, for example when we make fish and hips. Try to avoid airy food, such as milk, cheese and ream, which all contain a lot of fat. Also, if you want to eat red eat, like lamb or beef, cut off the fat or grill it under an open flame. Or eat fish, like trout or salon, which are very low in fat. Finally, avoid sweet, sugary foods like chocolate and after dinner deserts.

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