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One consonant too many - Farm Animals gapfill Bookmark and Share

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In this exercise there is a text about farm animals. The text contains ten words which each have one consonant too many. Read the text and when you identify each word, cross out one letter to produce the correct word and write it in the next box. Check your answers one by one. Don't add a word until you have checked that the last one is right.

In the past on any typical farm in the country in Britain you would find animals which lived in and around it, both domestic and wild. Of course, there were dogs and cats. There, they usually worked for a living, but they could also be pests, just as they are now in millions of homes. Dogs helped the farmer with the sheep and cats killed mice and brats, which were unwanted residents. If the farm produced dairy products it would have crows and maybe also gloats to provide milk. There was also one or more breasts of burden, like a horse or lass. Pigs were also widespread and it was common to see a snow feeding her piglets. Poultry usually roamed freely, with many hens, but only one clock to guard them. Water birds like ducks and geese lived on the farm pond, often sharing it with wild fowl like moorhens and scoots. Finally, if the farmer wanted to supplement his family's diet, he could catch wild animals on the farm, like rabbits and shares.

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