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In this exercise there ten sentences. In each sentence one word has two extra letters. Find the correct word, take out the two unnecessary letters and type the correct word in the box. Then check your answer.

1. Pauline failed her examination because she committed the answer to one of the questions. The instructions say that all the questions need to be answered correctly.

2. The River Amazon rises in the high Andes and follows 6000 kilometres through the vast expanses of the South American rain forest into the Atlantic Ocean.

3. When I told my wife that I was leaving her, her retraction astonished me. She didn't seem to be at all affected or even bothered by my revelation.

4. Wild animals attend to avoid human contact, but in some cases they can become quite tame and accustomed to human presence.

5. The hotel where we stayed was awful, so we complained to the travel agency. When they refused to pay back any of our money we threatened to issue them. As a result, they offered to refund 50%.

6. I decided to spend the day in solitude and bemuse on the idea of what I could write about in my new novel.

7. I was very attempted by the other company's offer of a car and annual travel allowance, but in the end I decided that I enjoy my current job too much to change.

8. Because of the bad weather, the airline could not give me the extract departure time for my flight, so I had to wait at the airport all morning.

9. Scientists claim that they have discovered a gender which can determine the level of intelligence in different people.

10. John decided to ascend his children to a private school to get a better education.