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One vowel missing - Bears gapfill Bookmark and Share

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In this exercise there is a text about bears. The text contains ten words which are each missing one vowel. Read the text and when you identify each word, put in one letter to produce the correct word and write it in the next box. Check your answers one by one. Don't add a word until you have checked that the last one is right.

Deep in the confer forests of Alaska lives the largest animal in the United States - the grizzly bar. The grizzly hibernates in the winter and spends the summer feeding in order to hard fat in its body to survive the winter. The grizzly's hunt is usually near lakes and rivers where it can catch fish like salmon and trot. It wads into the water to catch them with its paws. Many bears lay clam to an area of the river and exchanges can be fierce and nosy. All winter the grizzly sleeps and lives off its fat. In spring, it awakens and after merging from its cave makes its first fray for food and the cycle starts again.

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