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One vowel missing - Detective Story gapfill Bookmark and Share

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In this exercise there is a text about a detective on a case. The text contains ten words which are each missing one vowel. Read the text and when you identify each word, put in one letter to produce the correct word and write it in the next box. Check your answers one by one. Don't add a word until you have checked that the last one is right.

Hi. Dave Diamond, private detective, here. You know, strange things happen to private eyes sometimes. Just the other day something happened to me that I could never have expected in a million years. I was having a nap in my office when the door opened. A beautiful dam walked in and came up to the table with my feet under her nose. She showed me a photo of a guy with a bard. He was the local mafia chef. She wanted me to kill him. "Why?" I asked. She looked down and a tar rolled down her cheek. He'd killed her husband and she wanted him dad. She offered me $10,000 to do the job. So I took a tax downtown. I walked up the ally leading to his apartment. The front door was open, so I crept up the stars. I looked down the corridor and saw a light coming out of one of the rooms. There he was, with his back to me. One shot, and he was gone. Easy job, only I didn't know that she had called the cops. So they took me for a rid to the police station. "Why did you kill her husband?" they asked. She'd duped me for $10,000 in insurance. You know, it's not really the 50 years in prison that worried me. It was that she got $10 million and I only got $10,000. That sure did run my day.

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