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Grammar - information and contents

Certain words denoting places in English can be used with or without the definite article following a preposition. If the article is absent the word indicates the function of the place rather than just the place itself when the article is present, e.g.:

He's at college = He's studying. 

He's at the college = He's at the college building (probably doing something else).

For each gap choose one of the prepositions below and one of the place words. Put them in with or without the definite article depending on the meaning. 

at, on, in, to  -  church, college, court (2), home, hospital, prison, school, town, university 

When I was a boy (1) ________________ I used to play tennis. I used to love being (2) _______________ playing tennis all day, but I failed all my exams because I didn't study. Then when I was 16 I decided to go (3) ________________ and prepare for the university entry exams.

Later when I was (4) ________________ doing my degree I got into trouble when I went on a demonstration. There was a lot of fighting with the police and I was arrested. When I appeared (5) ________________ I was fined £100 and conditionally discharged. I was very relieved as I didn't want to end up (6) ________________ and get a criminal record. 

Soon after that I was in a night club (7) ________________ one evening and met a lovely girl who worked as a nurse (8) ________________. We fell in love and last week we got married  (9) ________________ at the end of our >road. Now we're looking forward to a quiet life (10) ________________ together.

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