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Grammar - information and contents

This exercise explores the presence or absence of the indefinite article in a sentence. Read the sentences and decide if there should be an article or not. In each space write "a" for the article or "0" (zero) for no article.

1. There were ____ few people at the meeting so we decided to postpone it until next week.

2. Thank you very much. You've been ____ great help to me. 

3. After the speaker sat down there was ____ silence which seemed to last for ages, but was actually just ____ few minutes.

4. The two years I spent in Greece was ____ time that I shall never forget as long as I live. It was wonderful.

5. Despite the weeks that the theatre company spent rehearsing the play, on the first night the production was ____ complete shambles. I've never seen anything so bad.

6. What ____ lovely weather! I certainly hope that it will continue for ____ few days.

7. It is generally accepted that the best form of advertising is ____ word of mouth.

8. I don't need to go to the bank today. I've got ____ little money to get by on till Monday.

9. Unfortunately he had already made his decision not to come and there was ____ little that I could say to change his mind.

10. I didn't want to take this job. I'm only doing it out of ____ need because I haven't got any other way of making money.

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