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The Things We Don't Say 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

This exercise looks at some typical mistakes that students make. Read each sentence, find the mistake, and type it in the box at the end of the sentence. Then check it to see if you are right.

1. According to me, the government should pay the teachers far more than they do at the moment.

2. I've got a few things to discuss with you. Firstable, we have to decide who to invite to the party, and secondly what to cook.

3. If you are looking for insurance it is most important to talk to an independent consultant, who can give you the best advices and informations about the most suitable policy.

4. The concert was attended by 50,000 spectators. The most of the people enjoyed it, but there were some who thought it was rather disappointing.

5. Last week we drove to Liverpool to see a football game. Despite there was a big traffic jam after an accident, we managed to get there in time for the start.

6. We wanted to get a dog for our children to play with, but we didn't know which breed was best. At the pet shop they suggested to get a labrador, as they are good-natured and friendly.

7. There was a good science fiction film which I saw it on TV last night called Starship Troopers. Did you see it as well?

8. I have to finish writing now. It would be grateful if you could write back with your ideas as soon as possible.

9. I packed all my things, checked my passport and tickets and called a taxi. At last, I made sure I had locked the door securely before I left.

10. I have never been as interesting in anything as I have in Chinese philosophy. It really is a fascinating subject.