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Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises nouns which can be both count and non-count usually with different meanings. Read the sentences and put the correct words in the gaps. Make sure you put them in the correct forms in the singular or plural with articles where necessary. Indicate at the end of each sentence whether the noun is count or non-count. Each word is used twice, once as a count and once as a non-count noun.

experience, light, pain, paper, reason  

1. If you want to apply for this job you need to have a lot of ____________________ with computers.

2. Tomorrow evening Professor Tompkins is going present ____________________ on his latest research into genetic disorders.

3. Our powers of ____________________ are what separate humans from animals. Basically, we can think while animals cannot.

4. None of ____________________ in the house is working because the electric fuse has blown. Can you go and get a new one?

5. It is now well-known that many animals have the ability to feel ____________________ so we should really care for them more than we do now.

6. After the wood is cut up into small pieces it is pulped and then made into ____________________.

7. I've had ____________________ in my back all week. I find it difficult to lie down on it and to sit on the sofa.

8. My car skidded on the icy road and almost hit a tree. I was so scared. It was ____________________ I would rather forget.

9. Now, Mr Jones I notice on your application that you had a very good job until recently. What were your ____________________ for leaving?

10. I went to look at a new flat yesterday. It was designed for artists to live and work in so it has a lot of ____________________.

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