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Count and Non-count 3 Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises nouns which can be both count and non-count usually with different meanings. Read the sentences and put the correct words in the gaps. Make sure you put them in the correct forms in the singular or plural with articles where necessary. Indicate at the end of each sentence whether the noun is count or non-count. Each word is used twice, once as a count and once as a non-count noun.

business, competition, difficulty, heart, life

1. Scientists believe that ____________________ could exist on other planets in the solar system, for example, Mars.

2. The chess programme on my computer has five levels of ____________________, from beginner to grand master.

3. After I finish my studies I'm going back to my home town to start ____________________ making and selling computers.

4. When I saw Peter he was in great ____________________ because he had just passed his driving test.

5. Guess what? I've won a new car in ____________________.

6. After I left university I had a lot of ____________________. I owed a lot of money and I had nowhere to live and no job. 

7. Jane has ____________________ of gold. She always helps people in difficulty and gives a lot of money to charity.

8. When I was in America I led ____________________ of luxury in a villa by the sea.

9. ____________________ is an important aspect of a modern economy. It keeps prices down and benefits the consumer.

10. One of the most important things in ____________________ today is constantly updating technology in order to keep going.

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