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Grammar - information and contents

There are many verbs in English which can be used in the active, middle or passive (see the teacher's page). Look at these verbs and put them in box the correct sentences in the correct form. Then state whether they are active, middle or passive by putting a, m or p after the word in he box, e.g. for the middle use of he verb "change", write: .

change, drive, feel, increase, return

1. The government has (1) tax on cigarettes and alcohol.

2. The explosion was so powerful it could (2) up to two miles away.

3. After he came out of prison I could see that he had (3) a great deal.

4. I (4) the car from London to Paris in six hours last week.

5. I have to(5) these books tomorrow or I'll get a fine.

6. I (6) my head and found blood coming from a cut caused by the fall.

7. She (7) home by the police after they had questioned her.

8. When everyone has gone and you've locked up, make sure that the keys (8) to the security cupboard.

9. John decided to (9) his name from Smith to Jones.

10. Last month inflation (10) from 1% to 1.5%.

11. When I finished my last exam I (11) fantastic.

12. When Adrian came back from holiday he found that the locks had (12) and he couldn't get in to his house.

13. I can't wait for the warm weather to (13) .

14. My new car (14) beautifully.

15. My salary (15) by the company after I threatened to leave and get a new job.