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Middle Verbs 2 Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

There are many verbs in English which can be used in the active, middle or passive (see the teacher's page). Look at these verbs and put them in the correct sentences in the correct form. Then state whether they are active, middle or passive by putting a, m or p after the sentence.

break, close, develop, end, give

1. When the film ________________ everyone was crying.

2. He ________________ the door quietly and walked off down the street.

3. After the election, the new government promised they would provide millions of dollars to ________________ new industries.

4. I don't really like this sofa. It ________________ too much and I prefer something firmer.

5. His leg ________________ in two place as a result of the accident.

6. At first the demonstration was peaceful but then fighting started and ________________ into running battles with the police.

7. This ring ________________ to me by my mother and to her by her mother.

8. All the shops in this town ________________ at 1.00 on Wednesdays.

9. Johnson has ________________ the world 100 metre record for the second time this year.

10. She decided to ________________ her marriage after she found out about her husband's affair.

11. When she poured the hot water into the glass it suddenly ________________.

12. The new study plan ________________ by the teachers and the students together.

13. The game ________________ early by the referee when it started snowing.

14. I ________________ my son a new computer for his birthday last week.

15. This gate must ________________ after use to keep animals out.

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