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Middle Verbs 3 Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

There are many verbs in English which can be used in the active, middle or passive (see the teacher's page). Look at these verbs and put them in the correct sentences in the correct form. Then state whether they are active, middle or passive by putting a, m or p after the sentence.

continue, create, move, open, part

1.Last year a fund ______________________  with the aim of helping poor children to go to school. 

2. A new supermarket ______________________ just outside the town next Monday. They're giving away free wine for the first day. 

3. You have to ______________________ your course and do your exams, or you'll waste all your years at college.

4. Although Laura and Paul decided they could no longer live together, they ______________________ on good terms.

5. There was a car parked in front of the entrance to the car park, so it ______________________ by the security guards.

6. The bad weather started on Friday and ______________________ through the weekend spoiling our holiday.

7. I decided to ______________________ the TV to the other side of the room to get a better picture.

8. The twin sisters, Janet and Jane, met for the first time in twenty years after they ______________________ at birth and adopted by different families. 

9. Northwest bank had decided to ______________________ a new  branch in the city centre to improve its banking services to the public.

10. My son always ______________________ if he can't get his own way. He needs to calm down and accept it when things don't go his own way.

11. While I was looking at the moon I saw a strange light ______________________ across the sky and stop over the town for a few seconds before it flew off at high speed. 

12. In spite of the increasing cost, the building of the stadium ______________________ until it is completed.

13. Scientists ______________________ a new type of fuel which does not cause any pollution. Car makers are said to be extremely interested in this development.

14. The new school ______________________ by the Queen next Monday morning.

15. My father always ______________________ his hair in the middle and never at the side.

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