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Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs which are formed from nouns and whose meaning is extremely colloquial or slang, though they are not rude. Choose the correct verb to put in the gap. Remember to put them in the correct form.

bomb, bottle, chicken, chill, grass, ice, leg, pull, score, space, total

1. My brother (1) his car yesterday. Luckily he wasn't hurt in the accident, but he'll need a new car.

2. I was on my way home last night when two guys tried to mug me. Just then, the police showed up and they (2) it. The police didn't catch them.

3. I challenged Alan to a race to see who was the fastest in the school, but he(3) out because he know that I'd win.

4. I went to a disco last night and managed to (4) this really nice girl. I had a great time with her.

5. "Space Pirates" got really bad reviews and (5) at the cinemas. It was the worst film of the year.

6. The police told Roberts that he'd get twenty years in prison, so he (6) on the other gang members for a lower sentence.

7. When I was in the Amazon jungle, I lived with a tribe for three months. The whole experience was very strange and mysterious. I was really (7) out by the end.

8. It's a lovely day and I've got nothing much to do so I think I'll just (8) out in the garden for a few hours.

9. After the Mafia found out that Elliot had stolen their money, they went looking for him and (9) him. The police found his body at the bottom of the river.

10. "Did you (10) at the party last night?" "No. There were some nice women there, but I was out of luck."

11. Jim was going to get married yesterday, but he (11) it at the last minute and didn't turn up at the wedding. I think he did it because he's afraid of commitment.