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Grammar - information and contents

There are many words in English which can be either nouns or verbs (sometimes adjectives). Use each of these words twice to fill the gaps in each sentence, once as a noun/adjective and once as a verb. Make sure they go in the correct forms to fit in the sentences. Think about what makes them nouns or verbs in the sentences. Type the word in the box and indicate if it is an adjective a, noun n or verb v, e.g. if you use "age" as a verb, write: .

age, back, effect, head, major, rate, place, pressure

1. This price rise will have a terrible (1) on the sales of cars in this country.

2. The management is trying to (2) me into withdrawing my complaint, but I'm not going to let them stop me.

3. Inflation is increasing at a very slow (3) of only 0.5%.

4. The money was (4) in a briefcase and left in the office.

5. Don't worry. I'll (5) you all the way. You can depend on me.

6. After ten years as a football manager he had (6) significantly, as his grey hair showed.

7. I'm giving up my job. There's just too much (7) and I can't cope.

8. I'm at university now, and I'm (8) in History.

9. The college authorities today (9) an important change in the selection process.

10. Which direction are you (10) in, London or Birmingham?

11. I've had a bad (11) for months now. I've even had to stop work because I can't pick up anything heavy.

12. I'm really delighted. I've just been promoted to the post of (12) of sales.

13. After the party there were glasses, cans and bottles all over the (13) .

14. I (14) that film as one of the best I have ever seen.

15. I wouldn't buy that car if I were you. It would be a (15) mistake.

16. There were so many delays that it took (16) to get home.