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Animal verbs 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs which come from nouns denoting animals. Read the sentences and put the correct verbs in the gaps. Make sure you put them in the correct forms.

ape, badger, dog, fox, hound, horse, monkey, rat, squirrel, wolf

1. Jim's inability to control his drinking (1) him all his life and he eventually died from alcoholism.

2. After the president had died the new government found that he had managed to (2) away millions of dollars of public money in foreign bank accounts.

3. The children were so keen to get out and play that they (3) down their dinner in five minutes.

4. Who has been (4) around with my computer? The settings have all been changed.

5. When the local residents found out that there was an ex-convict living in the same block, they got together and (5) him out of the area.

6. One of the bank robbers went to the police and offered to (6) on his fellow criminals in return for immunity from prosecution.

7. The police were completely (7) by the robbers. There were so signs of a break-in, but all the money had been stolen.

8. The children were (8) around in the house so much that they managed to knock the television over and break it.

9. Jim (9) his father to buy him a new bike so much that after a few days, his father gave in and bought him one.

10. When the comedian started to (10) the Prime Minister's voice and mannerisms, the audience laughed out loud.