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Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs which come from nouns denoting people. Some of the verbs are used correctly and some incorrectly. Read the sentences and decode which verbs are correctly used. If you think the verbis used correctly write "correct" in the box at the end of the sentence. If you think it is wrong, write the correct verb in the box.

crew, crowd, doctor, host, husband, man, minister, people, police, soldier

1. Robert Barton, the owner of Parthenon Industries, is planning to sail round the world and is looking for people to crew his boat, the Vainglorious.

2. In order to succeed in this project we need to minister resources and make sure that we use them efficiently.

3. Even though the weather was deteriorating, there was nowhere to stop for the night, so we had to soldier on to the shelter.

4. When the ship began to sink the captain gave orders to man the lifeboats and launch them into the sea.

5. In her career as a nurse, Mary Seacole doctored to many injured soldiers in the Crimean War.

6. During the last ice age hunter-gatherers crossed the land bridge between Asia and America and began to crowd the continent.

7. The government has set up a new service to police civil servants and make sure they do not exceed their powers.

8. During the trial it was found that the police had husbanded the evidence, which meant that it was invalid and could no longer be used against the defendant.

9. Thousands of sports fans peopled the arrivals hall at the airport to welcome home the national athletics team after their magnificent performance at the Olympic Games.

10. The President hosted a special dinner at the White House to celebrate the success of the Mars space project.