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Verbs to People 1 Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises nouns which come from verbs, either through stress change (second syllable to first) or pronunciation change (weakening of the final syllable). All the nouns refer to people. Read the sentences and put the correct nouns in the gaps. Make sure you put them in the singular or plural.

associate, bore, contact, convert, convict, delegate, prospect, rebel, recruit, suspect

1. The sergeant made sure that the new ____________________ had a very thorough introduction to army life.

2. I can't stand listening to Ronald. He's such a ____________________. He never has anything interesting to say.

3. At the initiation ceremony the new ____________________ were welcomed into the church and began their religious instruction.

4. The international education conference was a great success, with 3000 ____________________ from colleges and universities in over 40 countries. 

5. I've never seen so much skill in a player of his age. He's a great ____________________ for the game and a certain international player if he continues his development.

6. The army surrounded the ____________________ camp and told them to surrender or face a massive attack.

7. The deal sounds excellent, but before I can accept your proposals I have to talk to my ____________________. 

8. When I lived in Los Angeles I met a lot of people in the film industry and made some very useful ____________________.

9. Police have arrested two ____________________ in connection with yesterday's robbery at the Great Eastern Bank.

10. Three of the escaped ____________________ from Bleakmoor Prison have been recaptured less than ten miles from the prison.

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