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Noun and Verb Stress Variations 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises nouns and verbs which are spelt the same but are pronounced differently. The nouns are always stressed on the first syllable and the verbs are always stressed on the second. Read the sentences and put the correct words in the gaps in the correct form. The meanings of the related words are usually, but not always, similar. Indicate whether they are nouns or verbs by writing n or v after the word in the box, e.g. to use "conduct" as a noun, write: .

conduct, contact, finance, impact, increase, object, present, prospect, rebel, refuse, survey, upset

1. The rise in tax on petrol will (1) on all areas of the economy and slow down production.

2. Police found some (2) at the scene of the crime, but have not yet revealed what they are.

3. Before launching a new product, businesses need to (3) public opinion to find out if people will buy it.

4. Now that the plans for the new stadium are ready we need backers to (4) the whole project. It will cost around £50 million.

5. For five days now there has been no(5) with John Adams, who is attempting to sail round the world alone.

6. Members of the society are expected to (6) themselves in a dignified and respectful manner.

7. Although Richard Fernley only joined the company a year ago, he has worked very well and has excellent (7) for promotion in the near future.

8. Although they were surrounded by the army, the (8) fought bravely to the death.

9. On my last day at work I was (9) with a gold watch and a cheque for £10,000.

10. When the government lost the election it was the biggest (10) in the country's political history.

11. When the (11) collectors went on strike, rubbish piled up in the streets for days and became a health hazard.

12. World population is (12) so quickly that it will double in 50 years.