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Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises creating nouns from phrasal verbs by changing the stress (shown underlined) from the adverb to the verb, for example:

take away (verb) 4 take-away (noun)

Here is a list of phrasal verbs. Make nouns from them and put them in the correct places in the text. One of them is in the past participle form and there are two plurals. The nouns may or may not be written with a hyphen, depending on how long they have been in use, so you might have to try both spellings.

break down, break up, clear out, grow up, hand out, lay off, set back, turn around, walk out

Life can be terrible sometimes. Just a few months ago I was happy and contented, but now my life has changed completely. First my employer announced that the company was losing money and so there were 100 (1) including me. Then my wife decided to leave because of a (2) in communication. She said that I was acting like a child and not a (3) .

A week after her (4) I decided to change my life completely, so I looked through all my things and had a complete (5) of the things that I didn't need. I was not going to let my (6) with my wife destroy my life.

I believe that life is full of (7) and problems but you have to deal with them. I looked around for a new job as I didn't want to live on state (8) for long. Now I've got a good job and a new relationship, and my life has had a real (9) . I'm happy once again.