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Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises uses of the stative and dynamic verbs which refer to the five senses. Stative verbs refer to an unchanging state and dynamic verbs to a change of state. Generally speaking, stative verbs are not used in continuous tenses in English, though there are exceptions, while dynamic verbs use the full range of tenses. Look at the examples below. Then read each sentence and decide if it is the verb is from group A, B or C. Write A, B or C in the box at the end of the sentence.


I think that it's a good idea. - stative/correct;
I think about you every day. - dynamic/correct;
I'm thinking that it's a good idea. - stative/wrong;
I'm thinking about you now. - dynamic/correct

Stative - A: see, hear, feel, taste, smell
Dynamic - B: look, listen, touch/feel, taste, smell
Stative - C: look/seem, sound, feel, taste, smell

1. Since I came back home from my stay in Paris everything has felt different. I don't quite know why.

2. While I was tasting the wine, the glass slipped out of my hand and broke on the floor.

3. As soon as I walked in the kitchen I smelled smoke. I then noticed that the dishcloth was on fire, so I quickly put it out.

4. In one hour's time you will hear the phone ring twice. Don't pick it up, but wait until it rings again. Then you'll know it's me.

5. The milk had been left out all night and was smelling very bad so I threw it away and went to get some fresh milk.

6. We were looking at the moon when suddenly we saw some strange lights moving across the sky and then vanish suddenly.

7. I'm not sure what language they're speaking, but it sounds like Russian.

8. I must congratulate you on your cooking. The dinner tastes wonderful.

9. They felt very sad about leaving the house. After all, they had lived there for over 30 years.

10. I won't be at home to watch the game on TV, so I'll just have to listen to it on the radio.

11. I see that you have decided to take my advice and get rid of the old car. How much did the new one cost?

12. Would you like to feel the cloth? It's of the very highest quality.

13. I've got very bad flu at the moment and I can't taste anything.

14. Monica's been very ill but she seems a lot better now.

15. I love spring because I can go out and smell all the spring flowers.