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Verbs and Prepositions 1 Bookmark and Share

Grammar - information and contents

This exercise practises uses of verbs which can be followed by different prepositions, each time with a different meaning. This exercise looks at the verbs speak and swear. Each verb is used five times. Choose from the prepositions listed below and put the verb in the correct form.

about, at (2), by, for, on (2), off, to (2)

1. Alan ____________________ ginseng. He takes it every day and claims that it has kept him healthy for the last 20 years.

2. I've ____________________ alcohol completely. I'm not going to drink another drop as long as I live.

3. At the conference I'm going to ____________________ the latest developments in mobile technology. 

4. I saw a boy throwing stones at the ducks in the park. When I told him to stop, he ____________________ me and ran off. Children have no respect for anyone these days.

5. Personally, I don't think the plan will work, but I can't ____________________ the others. You'll just have to ask them. 

6. I've had a look at your work and I'm not very happy with your progress. I need to ____________________ you later. 

7. Look, I had nothing to do with the bank robbery. I wasn't there. I ____________________ my mother's grave that I wasn't involved.

8. Can we meet sometime tomorrow? We need to ____________________ the wedding arrangements and the guest list.

9. I ____________________ you that I will always love you and take care of you for the rest of my life.

10. The problem with Mandy is that she tends to ____________________ you as if you're a child and doesn't always realise that she needs to listen as well.


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