What are they doing? Present Continuous Matching Exercise 7 Flashcards

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Look at each picture and say what the person is, or the people are, doing. Then check your answer.
1. playing cards.gifThey're playing cards.
2. giving2.gifShe's giving a present.
3. taking picture.gifHe's taking a picture.
4.playing drums.gifHe's playing drums.
5. opening2.gifShe's opening the door.
6. partying.gifThey're having a party.
7. stroking.gifShe's stroking a dog.
8. blowing.gifHe's blowing a trumpet.
9. playing football.gifHe's playing football.
10. pulling.gifThey're pulling a cracker.
11. shaking hands.gifThey're shaking hands.
12. playing piano.gifHe's playing the piano.