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Pronunciation - information and contents

In this exercise there are four sets of words with the vowels missing and listed separately. In each set, the vowels produce the same sound. The four sounds are /o:/, /a:/, /3:/ and /i:/. Fill in the correct spelling and place one of the phonetic symbols at the top of the column to show the pronunciation.



ach_ _v_
agr_ _
bel_ _ v _
c_ _ling
f_ _ld
m_ _t
m_ _t
monk_ _
p_ _ple
s_ _t
st_ _m




b_ _ _
b_ _ _
dr_ _
f_ _ _
l_ _
s_ _ _
s_ _ _
st_ _ _
t_ _ght
th_ _ght




b_ _d
b_ _n
c_ _tain
c_ _tain
f_ _
f_ _
h_ _ _d
p_ _ _l
th_ _d
t_ _key
w_ _k




f_ ther
f_ _ther
h_ _ _t
st_ _








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