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Latin Root: duce/duct Bookmark and Share

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In this worksheet, we examine the root duce/duct, which means lead, bring or take in Latin. The prefixes used in these words generally, but not always, have specific meanings and will be practised in the Affixation section. Put each of the following words into the correct sentences in the correct form.

abduction, conduct, deduce, deduct, inducement, induction, introduce, production, reduce, seduce

1. I missed a week of work because I was ill, so my company ____________________ the money from my salary. I'm going to complain.

2. The Prime Minister said that although crime was still high, the government was working hard to ____________________ it.

3. The company has a new order for a thousand televisions, so we need more workers to increase ____________________ soon.

4. My new boss ____________________ me to all the other staff and assured me that I would be happy in my job. 

5. The ambassador claimed that he had been offered $1 million as an ____________________ to give away the details of the army's new secret weapon. 

6. He doesn't listen in class or do his work. In fact, he constantly disturbs other pupils and causes problems for the teacher. His ____________________ is becoming very poor.

7. While Jane was at a party a man tried to ____________________ her, but she told him she was married and she wasn't interested.

8. The police have launched a massive hunt after the ____________________ of two children from their home. It is believed that their father took them. His ex-wife appealed to him to return them safely.

9. When you look at the problem for the first time it seems very difficult, but if you think carefully it's not hard to ____________________ the answer from the data.

10. In the first week of college the new students will have an ____________________ programme to familiarise them with the college and the systems.


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