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Latin Root: quir/ques/quis 1 Bookmark and Share

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In this worksheet, we examine the roots quir, ques and quis, which mean need, or ask for in Latin. The prefixes used in these words generally, but not always, have specific meanings and will be practised in the Affixation section. Put each of the following words into the correct sentences in the correct form.

conquest, quest, question (n), question (v), questionable, request (n), request (v), require, requisite, requisition, sequester

1. I think that we should buy this house. It has four bedrooms, a big garden and a garage, and it's close to the town centre. It's got everything we ____________________.

2. I'm fed up with working here. I'd much prefer to work in the New York office, so I'm going to put in a ____________________ for a transfer.

3. Christopher Columbus set sail on a ____________________ to find a short route to China, but instead arrived in the Americas.

4. There's no ____________________ that William Shakespeare brought about some of the most profound changes in the use of modern English.

5. After the army arrived in the earthquake area, they ____________________ the last few intact buildings to use as bases of operations. 

6. After their ____________________ of England, the Normans introduced French into the country and started the greatest ever changes in the history of the English language.

7. When Birdwing Airlines refused to pay the fine imposed on it for breaching flying regulations, the judge ____________________ all its funds and bank accounts, and it was forced to stop trading.

8. When the referee gave a penalty for no reason, he was surrounded by the defending team, who protested angrily. The television replay showed that it was a ____________________ decision.

9. Before you go walking in the hills you should have all the ____________________ clothing, like good boots, waterproof trousers, a waterproof jacket and a thick jumper.

10. The police saw a man acting suspiciously outside the bank, so they arrested him and ____________________ him for six hours before letting him go.

11. Excuse me. When I made my booking I ____________________ a room with a sea view, but my room is on the other side of the hotel. I'd like to change it, please.

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