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Latin Root spec/spic Bookmark and Share

Special Focus - Information and Content

In this worksheet, we examine the root spec/spic, which  means look in Latin. The prefixes used in these words generally, but not always, have specific meanings. These will be dealt with in the Affixation section when all the pages come online.

Put each of the words into the correct sentences in the correct form.

aspect, circumspect, conspicuous, expectation, inspection, introspective, perspective, prospect, respect, suspect

1. If I pass the exam my ________________ for finding work will be excellent. 

2. We should all ________________ other people's views.

3. After the ________________ the college received a good report from the Department for Education.

4. John's parents had very high ________________ of him, so his poor exam results were very disappointing.

5. When dealing with such an important and complicated matter, it is necessary to be  ________________. 

6. Before making a decision we have to examine every ________________ of the plan.

7. Talking to someone else about your problems helps you to see them from a new ________________.

8. Peter looked very ________________ in his white suit.

9. Police ________________ him of killing his wife, but they had no evidence.

10. Jane should stop talking about everybody else and think more about what she's doing. she should be more ________________.

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