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Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises the word act and some of its derivations. Choose the correct word to put in each sentence.

act, acting, action, active, actual, actuality, actually, enact, proactive, react

1. Finally, remember that whatever the other team do to you in this game, you must not (1) to it. Keep cool and calm and we'll be OK.

2. As soon as the currency began to fall on the international market, the government took (2) to support it at its current level.

3. "I didn't know that you could speak Spanish."
"Yes, and I can speak Portuguese as well, (3) ."

4. The film is about a simple farmer who is used as a double for the king, who goes into hiding after he discovers a plot against him. While the farmer appears in public as the King, the (4) king stays in hiding.

5. My son is really keen on (5) . He wants to go to drama school next year.

6. The government is going to (6) a new law to deal with the growing problem of internet fraud.

7. The last manager waited for problems to arise before he dealt with them. The new manager is far more (7) , so she can deal with problems before they get worse.

8. The government claims that unemployment is going down, but the (8) is that they are hiding increases in the statistics.

9. The defence lawyer said that the defendant admitted the theft, but said that the (9) was completely out of character and was the result of depression.

10. If you eat well, don't smoke and don't drink too much, you can remain (10) to a very old age.