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Body Words - Eye Bookmark and Share

Word Focus - Information and Contents

This exercise practises extended meanings of eye. Read through these texts and fill each gap with one of the expressions containing eye with the same meaning as the word or phrase in brackets. Make sure you change the grammar where necessary.

private eye, one in the eye, shut-eye, raised eyebrows, an eye for an eye, cast one's eyes over, you're a sight for sore eyes, more to him/her than meets the eye, keep an eye on, with one's eyes open   

1. Can you ____________________ (look after) the children for me for a few minutes?

2. I've been up all night. I really need a few hours'  _______________________ (sleep). 

3. He went into this agreement ________________________ (with full knowledge).

4. He was suspicious of his partner's motives, so he hired a ____________________ (detective) to keep a check on him.

5. He wants ________________________ (revenge) for what the criminals did to him.

6. The president had hoped to win the vote, so losing it was  ________________________ (a big disappointment).

7. There were many ________________________ (surprised reactions) when the Prime Minister announced he was going to cut taxes. 

8. I've ________________________ (carefully examined) the plan and everything looks fine. 

9. Well, well! ____________________________ (It's wonderful to see you). I was beginning to think no one was coming to the party.

10. Be careful! She seems quite innocent, but there's ___________________________(a lot hidden about her).  

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