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Body Words - Hand Bookmark and Share

Word Focus - Information and contents

This exercise practises extended meanings of hand. Read through these texts and fill each gap with one of the expressions containing hand with the same meaning as the word or phrase in brackets. Make sure you change the grammar where necessary.

out of hand, to hand, underhand, from hand to mouth, have one's hands tied, backhander, handy, hand it to, give someone a hand, in hand

When I was young we were very poor and lived  (1) ____________________ (on very little money). My father's money was spent every week and we never had any money (2) ___________________ (in reserve). My father tried to borrow money from the bank, but he was always refused (3) ____________________ (without consideration). However, my father was a (4) ____________________ (useful) person for some employers to have (5) ____________________ (available).

It seems that corruption in the police force has grown. Some officers have been filmed acting in a very (6) ____________________ (suspicious) manner and one was caught accepting a (7) ____________________ (bribe)  from a motorist who he had stopped.

You've got to (8) ____________________ (admire) John for what he has achieved in his exams. I wanted to help him, but I (9) ____________________ (was not allowed to)  because I'm the chief examiner. I think we should all (10) ____________________(applaud him) for his great effort and success.

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