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Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises extended meanings of hand. Read through these texts and fill each gap with one of the expressions containing hand with the same meaning as the word or phrase in brackets. Make sure you change the grammar where necessary. Be careful of your spelling and capital letters where necessary.

out of hand, to hand, underhand, from hand to mouth, have one's hands tied, backhander, handy, hand it to, give someone a hand, in hand

1. When I was young we were very poor and lived (1) (on very little money). They were very difficult times.

2. IÂ’ve got very little money (2) (in reserve) and I donÂ’t get paid till next week. Can you lend me some till then?

3. I asked the bank for a loan to start a new business, but they refused me (3) (without consideration). They didnÂ’t even look at my business plan.

4. JackÂ’s a very (4) (useful) person to have as a friend. HeÂ’s very good at home improvements.

5. I donÂ’t have the information you need (5) (available) at the moment, but I can try to get it for you by tomorrow evening.

6. I used to like Jessie, until I found out that she was telling people awful things about me behind my back. I think she treated me in a very (6) (dishonest) way.

7. Corruption is a way of life in this country. If the police stop you in your car, you just give an official a (7) (bribe) and they let you go.

8. You've got to (8) (admire) John for what he has achieved in his exams, especially considering the time he lost when he was in hospital.

9. IÂ’d really like to help you prepare for your job interview, but I (9) (am not allowed to) because IÂ’m on the interview panel.

10. ItÂ’s fantastic that Jenny won the gold medal. I think that we should all (10) (applaud her) for her great effort and success.