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Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises uses of the verb with a direct object. In each of the sentences below get has the meaning of one of the words in the list. Choose the correct verb for each sentence and write it in the space at the end of the sentence. Each verb is used twice. Make sure you put the verbs in the correct form as they would be in the sentence.

acquire, bring, buy, receive, understand

1. If I get you right, you want me to lend you the money to buy a new van so that you can work and then pay me back later. Is that it? (1) .

2. I got a new bicycle for my birthday. (2)

3. Can you get me some cigarettes if you're going out? (3)

4. I'll get the car round to the back of the house so that we can pack the bags. (4)

5. There's so much work here now that we really need to get more staff to cope. (5) .

6. So you sold your car at last. How much did you get for it? (6)

7. I left my briefcase under my desk but I can't find it now. I really don't get it. You haven't seen it, have you? (7)

8. When I lived in Greece I got a very different view of life. People tend to take their time and enjoy life more than here in England. (8)

9. If you want to come with us you need to get your football boots because we plan to have a game. (9)

10. I was quite surprised because I got the car for less than I had expected. (10)