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Get - change of state 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises uses of the verb get indicating a change of state. This construction is made up of get with a present or past participle, e.g. get done or get doing. Look at these sentences:

You have to get washed before you can go out. (= be washed)

We have to wash the car. If we get washing now we'll have finished by 12.00. (= start washing)

Choose the correct verb for each sentence from the list below and put it in one of the participles after get. Some of the verbs are used in both forms. Don't forget to put get in the correct form.

kill, move, write (2), beat, find out, go, lose, play (2), study, separate

1. John pretended to be sick so that he wouldn't have to do his work, but he (1) and had to do it anyway.

2. OK, everybody. Everything's ready for the game, so let's (2) .

3. Don't cross the road without looking. You never know what's coming and you could (3)

4. I'm sorry. I'm very busy at the moment. I've got a long report to complete so I'd better (4) .

5. I wouldn't leave the car there if I were you. It'll (5) by the police.

6. My exams start next month and I've done very little work for them. I really must (6)

7. Brazil reached the football World Cup final again in 1998, but they (7) by France.

8. I tried to find my way around New York by myself, but I (8) and spent an hour finding my way back to my hotel.

9. If this rain continues, the game won't (9) today.

10. Everything's packed and in the car. Tell the kids to hurry up and so that we can (10) .

11. I went to the concert with my brother. Unfortunately, the crowd was so big that we (11) and I went home on my own.

12. Don't worry. The letters will (12) in the next few days, but there isn't any time to do them today.