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Word focus - Get - Change of State 2 Bookmark and Share

Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises  uses of the verb get indicating a change of state. This construction is made up of get with a present or past participle, e.g. get done or get doing. Look at these sentences:

You have to get washed before you can go out. (= be washed)

We have to wash the car. If we get washing now we'll have finished by 12.00. (= start washing)

Choose the correct verb for each sentence from the list below and put it in one of the participles after get. Some of the verbs are used in both forms. Don't forget to put get in the correct form.

cook (2), read (2), clean(2), pack (2), destroy, teach, work, talk

1. Most of the buildings in the town ______________________ during the war, and it will take a long time to rebuild them.

2. It's almost ten o'clock and there's a lot to do today, so we'd better  ______________________ if we're going to finish by 6.00.

3. When I was at school I ______________________ a lot of useless facts and information that I've forgotten now.

4. I met this woman at a party in Paris last week and we ______________________. It turned out that we had gone to the same school.

5. John wrote a letter and sent it to the Daily News. The next day it appeared in the paper and  ______________________ by thousands of people.

6. Maria told me that there was still a lot of work to do around the house because she only ______________________ after lunch. 

7. I think the bathroom stuff ______________________ in the green bag. Can you hand it to me so I can check it?

8. We've got a lot of people coming to dinner tonight so I have to  ______________________ soon if I'm going to have everything ready.

9. I ______________________ the newspapers and stayed for so long in the library that I completely forgot to post the letters.

10. This hotel is great. When you come to stay your clothes and shoes ______________________ for free as part of the service.

11. Our plane leaves at 3.00 this afternoon, so we'd better ______________________ now. Where are the tickets and the passports?

12. I like staying at this guest house as all my meals ______________________ for me.

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