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Word focus - Get - Change of State 3 Bookmark and Share

Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises  uses of the verb get indicating a change of state. This construction is made up of get with a positive or comparative adjective, e.g. get big or get bigger. Choose the correct adjective for each sentence from the list below and put it in as either in its positive form or its comparative form. Don't forget to put get in the correct form.

drunk, old, big, cold, bored, fed up, clever, interesting, angry, upset, easy, beautiful

1. I'm really ______________________ with waiting. I'm going to have a word with the manager about the service in this restaurant.

2.You have to remember that children ______________________ very easily so you have to have a lot of games and activities to keep them occupied.

3. Have you noticed how ___________ it's ___________ lately? I think it'll snow tomorrow.

4. Is that your son? I can't believe it. He's ______________________ every time I see him.

5. As I ______________________ I don't feel the need to go out every night. I prefer to stay at home and relax.

6. There's no need to ______________________ and shout at me. I've told you I'm sorry about your car and I'll pay for the damage. 

7. I can't take my husband to parties. He always ends up ______________________ and passing out on the sofa. It's so embarrassing.

8. My daughter's ______________________ every day. She has a new answer for everything I tell her. I can't fool her at all.

9. I was at the cinema last night watching the latest Star Wars film, when the power cut just as it was ______________________. I was really annoyed.

10. After the record number of Advanced Level exam passes this year, the government has denied accusations that the exams are ______________________.

11. Janet ______________________ when Tom said that he had forgotten about her birthday. She refused to talk to him for a week.

12. I love my garden when spring comes. It's ______________________ every day. Look how lovely it is now!

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