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Word focus - Get - Change of State 4 Bookmark and Share

Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises uses of the verb get indicating a change of state. This construction is made up of get with a positive or comparative adjective, e.g. get big or get bigger. Choose the correct adjective for each sentence from the list below and put it in as either in its positive form or its comparative form. Don't forget to put get in the correct form.

annoying, attractive, big-headed, bright, efficient, impatient, inquisitive, long, overgrown, polluted, skilful, stubborn

1. My son's three now and he's ______________________. He often refuses to do what I say, even if I say I'll punish him.

2. I really must do something about the garden before it ________completely ______________ and becomes a total mess.

3. I didn't mind next door's parties at first, but over the last few weeks they've been  __________very ____________ and I'm beginning to lose my patience.

4.Don't  _________ so _____________! You'll have your chance to play in the team soon, but you'll just have to wait a little longer.

5. I love it when spring comes and the days start ______________________. You can sit out in the garden in the evening and relax.

6. Now that the city is ___________ more ___________ all the time I'm really thinking of moving into the country for my health. 

7. Little Jimmy's ___________ very ___________ these days. He's asking all sorts of questions about anything and everything.

8. I can't believe how  _____________ your sister has _________ since I last saw her. She certainly seems to be the centre of attention.

9. If you don't have the basic ability it's difficult to ______________________ in any sport, but some athletes succeed through dedication and hard work.

10. The rain's stopped and it's ______________________ so I think we'll be able to go out for a picnic after all.

11.  If the new company can ______________________ we can increase our output and turnover and have more money to invest in expansion.

12. OK, just because you passed all your exams there's no need to  ________ so ______________. You may not do so well next time.

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