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The Good page gapfill Bookmark and Share

Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises different uses of the word good. Read through this text and fill each gap with one of the prepositions in the list.

about, at (2), for (2), of, on, to, with

At school I was always told that physical exercise was good (1) me, but I was never really good (2) sports. My teacher always reminded me of this and called me good (3) nothing.

However, I then discovered boxing. I was so happy when I finally realised I was good (4) my hands (5) something. My teacher stopped criticising me and actually began to praise me. "Good (6) you!" he would say as I won another fight.

I thought it was very good (7) him to help me win the national championship. Now I'm world champion and very rich. Boxing has been very good (8) me. Even when I knocked out my last opponent he was very good (9) it and told me not to worry.