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Hot words gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises the word hot used with different nouns to make compound words with special meanings. Choose the correct word to put in each sentence.

hotbed, hotfoot, hothead, hothouse, hotline, hotspot, hotplate, hotrod, hotshot, hotwire

1. The president has a telephone (1) direct to the every other world leader which he uses in times of crisis.

2. Simon's a real (2) . I've seen him lose his temper over nothing important so many times. He's always getting into trouble with it.

3. Car thieves don't need a key to steal a car. All they do is (3) it to start it and then drive away.

4. When I was at university in the 1960s, I remember that it was a (4) with the best music and MCs.

5. We should go to the Nightshade club sometime. They say that it's one of the town's (5) .

6. Once the food is cooked you should put it on the (6) so that it doesn't cool down before dinner.

7. Les is a real (7) . He can use a gun really well and hits the target eight times out of ten.

8. We were sitting having a drink in the bar, when John saw his wife come in. He immediately decided to (8) it home because he didn't want her to find him there.

9. When Jim Minor lost the election, he decided to leave politics altogether. He felt that he needed a long time to relax and live quietly away from the (9) of daily political life.

10. I've always wanted to race in a (10) . Those cars have such acceleration that you get an amazing feeling of speed for just a few seconds.