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Make and Do 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word Focus - information and contents

This exercise compares the uses of make and do. Read each sentence and type one of the verbs in each space. Make sure you put the verbs in the correct forms.

1. I'm terribly sorry but I won't be able to (1) the party tonight. I have so much to (2) that I have to stay at work late and finish it. I hope to come to visit you on the weekend.

2. I'm sorry, but this will simply not (3) ! The service in this hotel is completely unacceptable. I'm going to (4) a booking into another hotel and I want a complete refund.

3. I'm afraid the doctor is out and won't (5) it back in time to see you today. Would you like to (6) an appointment for another day?

4. I would be really glad if you could (7) me a favour and (8) the cooking for me tonight. I'm really tired.

5. Thank you for offering me the job. I will (9) every effort to (10) my duty to the best of my ability.

6. If you (11) wrong you have to be punished. You may even have to (12) time in prison.

7. I'm very busy but I'll (13) my best to (14) time to fix your car.

8. If you drink this it will (15) you a lot of good and (16) you feel a lot better.

9. If you had (17) the right thing in the first place, you wouldn't have (18) a mistake and you wouldn't have to (19) things right now.

10. John (20) me the honour of (21) me the best man for his wedding. I will certainly (22) my best for him.

11. I (23) a good deal with my car when I sold it yesterday. I (24) a lot of money after some one (25) me a good offer. You can (26) the same with your car.

12. I'm afraid all the shops are closed now, so we'll just have to (27) (28) with what we have now until the morning. I'll (29) a shopping list and (30) some shopping in the morning.