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Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises the word nerve in phrases and derivations. Join the correct halves of the sentences below. Section B helps explain the meaning of the expression in section A.

1. You've got a nerve! a. In fact, I don't think I'll try again.
2. Everybody is very nervous about it. b. The last time he borrowed my car it was filthy and the tank was empty.
3. He's got no nerves. c. How can you blame me for losing your keys?
4. I was quite unnerved by the experience. d. He just calmly walked up to the gunman and disarmed him.
5. Jane really gets on my nerves. e. None of us has ever performed in such a big theatre before. 
6. I can't believe that he had the nerve to ask me again. f. She never stops talking about herself.
7. It's enough to enervate anybody. g. Nobody should have to wait for so long to speak to someone on the phone.
8. The policeman was absolutely nerveless. h. He can take a penalty in a World Cup final without worrying about it.

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