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Time 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises the word time used with determiners. Time can be countable or uncountable and has different meanings in each category. Choose the correct word or phrase to put in each sentence.

all the time, a time, every time, many times, much time, no time, some of the time, sometime, some time, sometimes

1. I've never been to New York, but I'm hoping to go there (1) in the next year or so.

2. This is a difficult decision to make. I need (2) to think about it.

3. The park is very beautiful in summer. (3) I sit by the lake and watch the ducks swimming.

4. I leave a light on in my house (4) to deter burglars. You never know when they're around.

5. My girlfriend's angry with me because I forgot her birthday. (5) I call her she puts the phone down without speaking.

6. There was (6) when I liked visiting London, but it's too busy and crowded for my liking now.

7. I woke up late today, so I had (7) for breakfast. I'm really hungry now.

8. We had a nice day out yesterday. It rained (8) but there was a lot of sun as well.

9. I went to Paris on business last week. Of all the attractions I only visited the Eiffel Tower because I didn't have (9) , but I hope to go again on holiday.

10. Peter was late so (10) that in the end he lost his job.