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Time 2 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word focus - information and contents

This exercise practises the word time in expressions and compound words. Choose the correct word or phrase to put in each sentence. Pay attention to capitalisation where necessary.

time is money, time's up, overtime, extra time, time (v), time is on my side, time and time again, the time of my life, time is tight, stoppage time

1. OK. (1) . Please stop writing and put your pens down.

2. ThatÂ’s the end of ninety minutesÂ’ play, and with neither team winning, theyÂ’ll have to play another thirty minutes of (2) .

3. IÂ’m sorry, but I can't afford to sit here and waste time waiting for you. I've got important work to do. (3) .

4. The ninety minutes are up, but there are three more minutes of (4) again.

5. Robert never learns. He keeps making the same mistakes (5) .

6. We need to hurry if weÂ’re going to get the house ready in time for the party tonight. (6) .

7. I was offered less money for my house than I wanted, but I'm not in a hurry to sell. I can afford to wait for a better offer. (7) .

8. That was a really fantastic holiday. I've never enjoyed myself so much. I had (8) .

9. I've got my stop watch to (9) you and to see how fast you can swim 50 metres.

10. My boss has asked me to work (10) this weekend to complete the order on time. HeÂ’s paying me double my usual pay.