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Present Perfect and Simple Past 1 Bookmark and Share

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In these sentences you have to choose either the Present Perfect tense or the Simple Past. Then click the check button to see if you are right.

1. ____ a new flat in Kilburn yesterday.
I found
I've found

2. I can't play football because ____ my leg.
I broke
I've broken

3. ____ the Statue of Liberty during your time in New York?
Did you see
Have you seen

4. ____ my passport here so I couldn't get on the plane.
I left
I've left

5. ____ such a fantastic film in my life. Go and see it.
I never saw
I've never seen

6. John ____ anything today so he's really hungry.
didn't eat
hasn't eaten

7. I ____ anything for breakfast this morning, so I need a big lunch now.
didn't eat
haven't eaten

8. ____ our work now so we're going out for a drink. Do you want to come?
We finished
We've finished

9. ____ this holiday so much. I really don't want to go home.
I enjoyed
I've enjoyed

10. The students ____ their exam a few minutes ago. They're having their lunch.
have finished

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