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This section consists of multiple choice exercises divided into three levels, Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate, and two categories, Grammar and Vocabulary. Choose an answer by clicking the radio button next to it and then clicking on the Check button to see if the answer is right. If the answer is wrong, you can choose other answers until you find the correct one. After you complete the exercise you can print it out with the correct answers if you like. We hope you enjoy using these exercises.

Click on one of the links below to look at the free sample online exercises. Further below, we have added more links to the online versions of our free printable worksheets.

Beginner level



Articles 1 Basic verbs 1
Final "s" Countries and nationalities 1
Linkers 1 Food 1
Prepositions 1 Household 1

Elementary level



Present tenses 1 Speech verbs 1
Future tenses 1 Education 1
Past and Perfect 1 Transport 1
Obligation 1 Weather 1

Intermediate level



Future tenses 1 Collocations 1
Past tenses 1 Collocations 2
Past or Perfect 1 Adjective choices 1
Infinitive or gerund 1 Interesting or interested

Links to other Intermediate level online exercises - based on the printable exercises in each section


Function or place 1 gapfill at college, at the college; at home, at the home
Indefinite article 1 gapfill Inclusion or exclusion of the definite article
Quantifiers 1 gapfill
any, few, fewer, less, little, lot
Second conditional - real past gapfill Conditionals that actually happened
The things we don't say 1 gapfill Typical student mistakes
Count and non-count 1 gapfill experience, light, pain, paper, reason  
Count and non-count 2 gapfill dress, egg, interest lamb, work
Count and non-count 3 gapfill business, competition, difficulty, heart, life
Middle verbs 1 gapfill change, drive, feel, increase, return 
Middle verbs 2 gapfill break, close, develop, end, give
Middle verbs 3 gapfill continue, create, move, open, part
Noun or verb 1 gapfill These practise the difference between the uses of certain common words as nouns or verbs.
Animal verbs 1 gapfill Words for animals used as verbs
People verbs 1 gapfill Words for people used as verbs
Verbs to people 1 gapfill Verbs used to denote people
Noun and verb stress variations 1 gapfill Forming words through stress change
Noun and verb pronunciation variations 1 gapfill Forming nouns through pronunciation changes
Unpredictable verbs 1 gapfill Verbs with unpredictable meanings formed from nouns 
Unpredictable verbs 2 gapfill Verbs with unpredictable meanings 
Unpredictable verbs 3 gapfill Verbs with unpredictable meanings  
Slang verbs 1 gapfill Verbs with slang meanings 
Verb-Noun 1 gapfill
These practise the formation of new nouns from phrasal verbs. 
Stative and dynamic verbs 1 gapfill Verbs referring to the five senses
Verbs and prepositions 1 gapfill The verbs speak and swear
Double passives 1 gapfill Verbs which have two passive forms
Possessive phrases 1 gapfill Whole noun phrases with 's 


In another world 1 gapfill Literal meaning of words derived from Latin and Greek 
One consonant missing - Fatty foods gapfill Find and put in the missing consonant
One consonant too many - Farm Animals gapfill Find and take out the extra consonant
One vowel missing - Bears gapfill Find and put in the missing vowel
One vowel missing - Detective story gapfill Find and put in the missing vowel
Knock out two gapfill Find and take out the extra two letters

Special focus - Latin roots

Latin root: cap/ceive/cept gapfill eg: accept, capture, deceive 
Latin root: duce/duct gapfill eg: reduce, conduct, induction
Latin root: fer gapfill eg: suffer, interfere, defer
Latin root: quir/ques/quis 1 gapfills 1 eg: conquest, require, requisition
Latin root: pone/pos gapfill eg: exposure, proposal, impose
Latin/German 1 gapfill
Latin/German 2 gapfill
Latin/German 3 gapfill

These focus on differences in register between synonyms depending on their origins.

Latin root: scribe/scrip gapfill eg: describe, inscription, scribble
Latin root: spec/spic gapfill eg: aspect, inspection, perspective


Affixation 1 gapfill admit, consult, deliver, enter, refer, succeed
Affixation 2 gapfill alternate, destination, object, serial, variable
Suffixes 1 gapfill affection/affectation, cosmetic/cosmic
Back to front prepositions 1 gapfill off, up, over, on
Back to front prepositions 2 gapfill down, off, out, in, back
Body doubles 1 gapfill eye to eye, hand to hand, toe to toe
Similar Words 1 gapfill journey, travel,  trip, voyage, bother, care, disturb, mind, molest
Similar Words 2 gapfill expect, hope, wait, variable, variation, variance, variety, experience, experiment
Similar words 3 gapfill enough, quite, rather
Similar words 4 gapfill at the end, finally, firstly, etc
Similar words 5 gapfill sense, sensible, sensitive, etc
Similar words 6 gapfill bear, maintain, stand, support
Similar words 7 gapfill affect, affection, effect, effective

Word Focus

Body Words - Eye gapfill Extended meanings of the word eye.
Body Words - Hand gapfill Extended meanings of the word hand.
The Good Page gapfill Uses of the word good with prepositions.
Act gapfill act, action, active, actual, enact, etc
Get + object gapfill Verb substitutes for get
Get - Change of state 1 gapfill get doing, get done
Get - Change of state 2 gapfill get doing, get done
Get - Change of state 3 gapfill get big, get bigger
Get - Change of state 4 gapfill get big, get bigger
Get - Produce a result 1 gapfill get (someone) to do something
Make and do 1 gapfill Uses of the verbs make and do
Nerve gapfill nerve, nerveless, nervous, unnerved
Time - determiners gapfill sometimes, sometime, every time
Time - words and expressions 1 gapfill time's up, time's tight, overtime
Hot words gapfill Compound words with hot

Word Groups

Extended meanings - animal words gapfill This practises extended meanings of words denoting animals.
Body words - people gapfill This exercise practises words denoting parts of the body when they are used in other ways.
Clothes gapfill This practises extended meanings of words denoting clothes.
Colours 1 gapfill This practises extended meanings of words denoting colours.
Gestures 1 gapfill This practises words denoting gestures.
Negative verbs gapfill This practises verbs with negative meanings.
Noises 1 gapfill This practises verbs for noises.
Bring, get, take 1 gapfill Uses of these verbs
Verbs meaning see gapfill discern, glimpse, make out, notice, observe
Verbs meaning walk 1 gapfill creep, limp, ramble, stride
Verbs meaning look/watch 1 gapfill examine, glance, inspect, view
Verbs meaning hit 1 gapfill beat, chop, clout, punch, rap
Verbs meaning change gapfill alter, adjust, modify, transform
Verbs referring to the future gapfill anticipate, forecast, predict
Verbs meaning talk/speak gapfill chat, discuss, negotiate, preach
Verbs meaning say/tell 1 gapfill address, declare, narrate, stammer
Verbs meaning cook gapfill bake, boil, fry, simmer, toast
Verbs meaning know/believe/understand 1 gapfill assume, comprehend, grasp, guess
Verbs meaning start/continue/finish 1 gapfill assume, comprehend, grasp, guess
Verbs meaning allow/forbid gapfill authorise, bar, permit, veto
Verbs meaning agree/disagree 1 gapfill concur, deny, fall out, quarrel
Verbs meaning ask/answer 1 gapfill beg, demand, reply, request